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Chapters Capistrano uses dual diagnosis in our alcohol and drug rehabilitation program. Dual diagnosis is a therapeutic addiction treatment technique which helps clients who have co-existing disorders. A co-existing disorder is an addiction condition where the individual is suffering from both substance abuse and psychiatric issue(s), such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD. These conditions are generally amenable to alcohol and drug addiction treatment via a combination of individual and group counseling, as well some selective drug therapy. Although some clients may initially believe more medication is not conducive to substance abuse recovery, it can be useful and necessary in the client’s substance abuse treatment.

Drug and alcohol abuse can induce symptoms that resemble mental illness, which can make it difficult to differentiate between substance abuse conditions and pre-existing mental health issues. Typically, psychiatric disorders among drug and alcohol abusers dissipate through long-term abstinence. Because it can be difficult to distinguish substance abuse disorders from other psychiatric disorders, Chapters embraces the philosophy that diagnosis of primary psychiatric disorders cannot be made in the absence of sobriety. Shown below are some of the outstanding features of Chapters’ dual diagnosis alcohol and drug treatment program:

CheckmarkFlexible Treatment Approach: Our dual diagnosis treatment program is not one-size-fits-all, and it is because of this that we regularly incorporate a variety of treatment strategies, including non-12 step approaches. At Chapters we are committed to individualizing your experience.

CheckmarkFlexible Length of Stay: Dual diagnosis rehab programs typically require a 30-day minimum stay. While our average length of stay is more than 30 days, Chapters understands that different types of addiction, as well as personal life factors, may not make a 30-day stay feasible or necessary.

CheckmarkPrivate Rooms: Six of our eight rooms are private. This allows you to feel comfortable and at ease as you begin on the path to recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. Chapters dual diagnosis rehab center’s maximum occupancy is ten clients.

CheckmarkOn-Site Detox: The dual diagnosis addiction experts at Chapters Capistrano will help you work through a medically-supervised detox. Additionally, our drug and alcohol detox program is always completed on-site. This detox program can also encompass a 7 & 14-Day program, which can be ideal for those individuals who have been through drug or alcohol treatment before and are looking to get back on track toward long term sobriety.

CheckmarkCell & Laptop Friendly Facility: Because we understand that it is important for our clients to not feel completely cut off or isolated from the outside world, we allow you to keep in contact through an inclusive cell phone and laptop policy.

CheckmarkOceanfront, Affordable Luxury Facility: With the Pacific Ocean in our backyard, Chapters invites you to take the first step to recovery amidst the gentle breezes and tranquil beaches of Southern California while enjoying the amenities, services, and perks this truly luxurious dual diagnosis rehab treatment center has to offer.

At Chapters, our caring dual diagnosis treatment professionals are experts in working with clients who are experiencing co-existing addiction disorders.  We are committed to the principles used in the successful treatment of mental and substance abuse disorders. Our drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs treat co-existing disorders as integrated, not separate, conditions. Dual diagnosis therapy is practiced through a collaborative process between our treatment team and the client. We do not view this treatment process as a “silver bullet.”  We see the individual’s co-existing addiction recovery process as a marathon rather than a sprint. This is why we highly encourage and assist our clients to find a support team before returning home.

If you suspect that you or a loved one is suffering from psychiatric issues in addition to alcohol or drug dependence, contact Chapters today and learn how our team of experts can provide the best dual diagnosis treatment available in addiction treatment.

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